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Kamome Bakery - Simply, Daily Menu

Cube Series (Special Bake For Paragon)
Berry image


Red Bean Green Tea image

Red Bean Green Tea

Rum Raisin image

Rum Raisin

Yam image


Butter Series
Japanese Sweet Potato image

Japanese Sweet Potato

Maroon (Chestnut) image

Maroon (Chestnut)

Milk Cream image

Milk Cream

Truffle Salt image

Truffle Salt

Seaweed Salt image

Seaweed Salt

Red Bean & Butter image

Red Bean & Butter

Rum Raisin Cream Cheese image

Rum Raisin Cream Cheese

Apple Caramel Milk Cream image

Apple Caramel Milk Cream

Croissant image


Chocolate Croissant image

Chocolate Croissant

Black Sesame Almond image

Black Sesame Almond

Quiche Salmon image

Quiche Salmon

Crispy Potato image

Crispy Potato

Cinnamon Roll image

Cinnamon Roll

Rare Cheese Cream (Berry) image

Rare Cheese Cream (Berry)

Rare Cheese Cream (Pineapple & Passion Fruit) image

Rare Cheese Cream (Pineapple & Passion Fruit)

Pistachio Berry Croissant image

Pistachio Berry Croissant

Curry Egg Danish image

Curry Egg Danish

French Bread
Apple Raisin image

Apple Raisin

Baguette image


Sesame Baguette image

Sesame Baguette

Mentaiko image


Fig Cream Cheese image

Fig Cream Cheese

Mix (Egg & Tuna) image

Mix (Egg & Tuna)

Fruit (Strawberry) image

Fruit (Strawberry)

Fruit (Mango) image

Fruit (Mango)

Egg & Ham Croissant image

Egg & Ham Croissant

Salmon & Avocado image

Salmon & Avocado

Teriyaki Chicken Kimpira image

Teriyaki Chicken Kimpira

BLT Sandwich image

BLT Sandwich

Snack & Sweet
Cheese & Honey image

Cheese & Honey

Pizza (Tomato Bacon) image

Pizza (Tomato Bacon)

Mascarpone Red Bean image

Mascarpone Red Bean

Melon Pan image

Melon Pan

Chocolate Melon Pan image

Chocolate Melon Pan

Mini Muffin image

Mini Muffin

Pumpkin Cheese image

Pumpkin Cheese

Mont Blanc image

Mont Blanc

Yuzu roll image

Yuzu roll

Sausage image


KuMuffin (Bear) image

KuMuffin (Bear)

Elephant image


Sugar Rusk image

Sugar Rusk

Hotdog Bun image

Hotdog Bun

Sesame Mochi image

Sesame Mochi

Matcha Scone Sandwich  image

Matcha Scone Sandwich

Namelaka Choco Bun image

Namelaka Choco Bun

Aburi Mentaiko Tamagoyaki image

Aburi Mentaiko Tamagoyaki

Honey Glaze Donut image

Honey Glaze Donut

Double Chocolate Donut image

Double Chocolate Donut

Almond Chocolate Donut image

Almond Chocolate Donut

Snack Bun
Pork Cutlet image

Pork Cutlet

Croquette image


Prawn Cutlet image

Prawn Cutlet

Toast Bread
Kamome Toast image

Kamome Toast

Sesame Toast image

Sesame Toast

Kopan image


Kopan Sesame image

Kopan Sesame

Madeleine image


Financier image


Lemon Pound Cake image

Lemon Pound Cake

Chocolate Pound Cake image

Chocolate Pound Cake

Vanilla Pound Cake image

Vanilla Pound Cake

Almond Cookies image

Almond Cookies

Macadamia Cookies image

Macadamia Cookies

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